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The most popular raffia bags and straw bags!

As the summer season approaches, let's talk about our most popular handmade raffia bags and straw bags!

Raffia and straw bags are versatile and offer a variety of options for every occasion.

Our collection includes large models such as raffia handbags and straw beach bags, as well as our most special products : wedding and evening clutches.

raffia clutch bag RAFFIA WEDDING POUCH

Our raffia bags are hand crocheted by talented women.

We are currently collaborating with two women's workshops in Türkiye. Their manual labor is their only source of income. In addition to taking care of their families, they gain financial independence by crocheting , and we are extremely proud to contribute to their cause.

Crocheting is a handcrafting technique that makes it possible to create one-of-a-kind yarn bags. Each bag is handmade, which makes it an authentic and original object.

One of the main advantages of crocheted bags is therefore their durability. The tight weave of the crochet stitches ensures that the bag retains its shape and withstands daily wear and tear without showing signs of fatigue.

raffia bag

At ValentElle, we favor quality materials and fine craftsmanship to create stylish, durable and functional handbags.

We are committed to elevating the quality and charm of our handcrafted bags by using premium leather and metal accessories.

Our mission is to enhance the aesthetic appeal and durability of our products, while ensuring that our customers receive the utmost satisfaction in their purchase.


Our main materials: raffia and paper straws, eco-friendly and lightweight.

Paper raffia is a material made from recycled paper and is widely used in the craft and decoration industry. It is made using a technique of twisting paper fibers together to create a strong, lightweight rope.

. The paper fibers are first soaked in water to soften them, then they are twisted together to form a rope. The rope is then dried and can be dyed in different colors for use in various projects.

Paper raffia is also very strong and can be used to create items that require tear and moisture resistance.

It is also mildew resistant and does not break down easily, making it durable for long term use.

Due to being made from recycled paper, paper raffia is fully biodegradable and can be recycled after use.

Unlike many mass-produced bags that are made from synthetic materials, handmade crochet bags are made from natural fibers such as raffia and straw known for their strength and durability.

Paper raffia yarn versus palm raffia yarn.

One of the main advantages of paper raffia over palm raffia is its durability. While both materials are strong and durable, paper raffia has a longer lifespan and is less likely to break or fray over time. Paper raffia is made from renewable materials, which are treated to create a more hard-wearing material than palm raffia.

Also, paper raffia is a sustainable option because it is made from recycled paper and other natural fibers , which reduces waste and promotes environmental friendliness. Its production also requires less water and resources than that of palm raffia, which is often harvested in areas of tropical forests and can contribute to deforestation.

Take a look at our spring-summer raffia collection:

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