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Elegance and Warmth to Enjoy the Season

Explore the elegance of winter with our chic bags, perfect for chilly days and snowy stays.

Our bags are carefully crafted to combine style and warmth, in an ethical and accessible luxury experience.

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because we dreamed of creating a brand that reflects the beauty and uniqueness of the women who wear and make our products.

Since its creation, ValentElle has had the pleasure of offering

handbags and handcrafted jewelry,

luxury, ethical and quality

sac luxe pas cher

ValentElle creative workshop

Welcome to our creative workshop, where the art of crochet meets timeless luxury.

Each bag you will discover is the result of exceptional know-how, handmade by talented and passionate women.

Explore our range of wedding clutches and straw summer bags and let yourself be seduced by the exclusivity of feminine craftsmanship.

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sac luxe artisanal

Our pride

We advocate for equal opportunities in education and are proud to support girls' education in Anatolia.

Each new sale allows us to support more young girls 🎈

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