SAC LUXE crochet

We, the Brand

My adventure with ValentElle began in 2020 in the North of France.

A textile engineer by training, my experience in the textile world laid the foundations for this exciting project.

Today, I am surrounded by a group of dedicated women, united by the same passion. Together, we create unique pieces with love and determination.

Each piece tells a particular story, woven with care and devotion.

At ValentElle, we believe in the combination of elegance, quality and know-how, a combination that makes each creation a true work of art 🤍​

  • Our Values

    Each creation embodies our three fundamental values:

    Female Empowerment 💪

    ValentElle embodies a harmonious fusion between French style, Turkish manufacturing expertise, and the exceptional talent of the ValentElle pour Elle par Elle female workforce. Inspired by the simplicity and elegance of French women.

    Creativity and Quality 🎨

    Creativity is the beating heart of ValentElle. Each design is the fruit of overflowing passion and a relentless search for aesthetics.
    Combined with exceptional quality, our creativity gives life to unique pieces that stand the test of time.

    Ethical and Sustainable 🌿

    Proud of our artisanal DNA, each ValentElle creation is designed with care and is carbon-free. Beyond our production, we
    let us actively commit to preserving our environment by choosing responsible materials. Choosing ValentElle means choosing fashion that respects our planet.

  • Our actions

    Our pride: Our commitment to equitable education and the emancipation of girls in Anatolia!

    At ValentElle, we ardently defend equal opportunities in education. Every sale we make becomes a key to opening the doors to the future for young girls in Anatolia.

    Every purchase you make at ValentElle directly contributes to supporting the education of these young girls, creating opportunities and promoting independence. By choosing fashion that has a positive impact, you also become an agent of change. 🌍💙

    Join us in this mission where fashion meets education, where every sale is a small victory for a better future.

    So every purchase from us not only supports quality products, but also our commitment to environmental sustainability and women's well-being.